Peachy Rd Upgrades

Davoren Park, South Australia

About This Project

GREENHILL provided the Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture and the Detailed Design documentation for Peachey Road a large road connecting Womma Road to Playford Alive. With the City of Playford acting as the Superintendent on the project we worked closely with the council to meet the necessary timeframes and council requirements. 

The requirements for the existing paving were changing to moderate to heavy traffic so a variety of pavement design options were considered. Reporting to council included the use of structural asphalt overlay, recycling of existing materials using stabilisation and total reconstruction.

The upgrade was undertaken in three sections. GREENHILL managed the design and preliminary layout for each of these. They were then reviewed by the City of Playford and additional comments were made. Incorporating the feedback from council GREENHILL then provided detailed designs, vertical and horizontal documentation of roads, kerbs and stormwater infrastructure.

The landscape team worked closely with the civil team to produce a coordinated design. They also took into consideration existing trees, they designed new landscape treatments and WSUD elements along the road.

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