Park 25

Adelaide, South Australia

About This Project

GREENHILL worked in collaboration with SACA to lead the delivery the Park 25 Oval Playing Field from concept design through to practical completion in October 2017.

The design required significant coordination with the new clubrooms under development by SACA, as well as the greater Park 25 Upgrade Project by the City of Adelaide. 

Several site constraints were managed throughout the design and construction such as soil contamination, difficult topography, heritage issues as well as storm water management. 

GREENHILL led a team including Living Turf (Playing Surface Designer), Hydroplan (Irrigation Designer) and GREENCAP (Environmental Scientist) to achieve a premium sports field with maximum playability, appropriate for first class cricket and most levels of AFL to be played. A traditional pitch square of 7 clay pitches was included.

Several options were developed for the grading of the oval to ensure a crowned playing surface, limit remediation works and impact on the existing land form, and provide value for money.

A full sub-surface drainage system was included in the project, to ensure the turf rootzone profile can be managed successfully and turn around times after inclement weather are minimised.

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