Leader Street

Forestville, South Australia

About This Project

The City of Unley Council engaged GREENHILL to undertake a streetscape upgrade project along Leader Street, Forestville which is a local collector road which carries traffic between Anzac Highway and Goodwood Road. The project aim was to enhance the streetscape amenity and increase road safety by narrowing the road width, creating bike lanes, defining car parking and maximise landscape amenity. Pedestrian experience was a high priority and this was achieved by wide, paved footpaths with new crossings and street furniture at optimal locations.

The City of Unley had a key focus of the project to demonstrate the importance and success of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) in the streetscape, this was highlighted in early community engagement as important to the upgrade. WSUD garden beds were integrated into the design at all possible locations and feature a unique planting and tree palette which was chosen in collaboration with council. The success of the project is shown with the landscape planting and trees flourishing and information signage installed by City of Unley to describe to passer-by’s what positive benefits the WSUD garden beds.

Community satisfaction was a driving force to this project and a GREENHILL produced community consultation plans with annotated plans and artistic impressions to demonstrate the final design outcome.

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