About This Project

GREENHILL has been delivering Stage 1 of the Glenside Development since September of 2017. Stage 1 of the development will house 650 people in medium density townhouses and apartments, calling for high quality public spaces. 

Construction of the entry precinct and sales centre was completed in early January 2018 after a swift design and approval process in late 2017. There were several challenges throughout the design process including; maintaining views to heritage listed buildings, integration of existing heritage stonewalls, and creating a prestigious appearance that is robust and long living given the ten to fifteen 10–15 years development timeframe.

The Stage 1 public realm has commenced construction, concurrently with the Stage 1 townhouses, and the first apartment building and townhouses private landscaping are soon to commence construction. The reserves will retain the large existing trees while providing high amenity open space, infrastructure including a custom designed shelter, seating, entry pergola, walls and BBQ precinct. The design respects the existing surrounding heritage through blending heritage materials and textures with the integration of the architecture of the townhouses and apartments through profiles, patterns and shapes. This will provide a unique aesthetic and sense of place throughout the development. 

The rapid design and approvals of these works ensured the design could be published within marketing material for potential residents with a full scale model created by the client for the Stage 1 works. This swift design process also allowed for a constructive working environment for all designers and contractors on site: civil, landscape, and builder’s, working within close proximity to each other. This will ensure long term the best possible outcome for the client in terms of; marketing and sales, construction and overall progression of the development.

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