Aston Hills

Mt Barker, South Australia

About This Project

Aston Hills is a residential subdivision anticipated to yield in the order of 2000 residential allotments when completed in its entirety. The project is located to the south east of the Mount Barker township at the south eastern corner of Sims Road and Paech Road. The comprehensively planned community includes a village centre and new school as well as providing for a segment of the Mount Barker Connector Road to link throughout Mount Barker.

GREENHILL provided master planning, detailed concept options, detailed design, tender call and assessment, contract administration and construction superintendence for earthworks, roadworks, drainage, sewer, water supply and common services. 

The Stage 1 design also included design of commercial areas and developing concepts designs for specific precincts including the main access and village to ensure a link was established between the commercial areas and open spaces. GREENHILL also assisted in design of upgrades to existing council infrastructure to provide access into the development for Paech Road. GREENHILL consulted with Council to ensure new infrastructure meets future needs and addressed potential future road widening thus minimising reconstruction of new infrastructure and project costs to the developer and the District Council of Mount Barker.

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