Dukes Highway

South Australia

About This Project

The Australian Government’s Nation Building Program (2008-09 to 20013-14) committed $100 million to improving road corridors in South Australia, of that $80 million was committed to improvements along the Dukes highway.

GREENHILL undertook the detailed design documentation of 26 sites along the road, equating to approximately 55 kilometres.

The design treatments included:

  • Road widening and installation of a 1.2m wide centreline treatment to reduce risk of run-off crashes.
  • Installation of audio tactile line markings.
  • Installation of safety barriers (wire rope and guard fence) on high risk locations.
  • Sealing of shoulders.

The aim of installing the new centreline treatment was to reduce the risk of crashes caused by vehicles crossing onto the wrong side of the road, fatigue and driver inattention.

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