The Summit, Mt Barker

South Australia

About This Project

The Summit is a four stage land division of approximately 200 allotments on outskirts of Mt Barker. The surrounding land is rolling hills and farmlands. Greenhill has been involved in planning through to construction. Stage one and two are complete. Stage 3 is in construction.

Greenhill has provided the feasibility study, cost opinions for construction costs of civil works, assisted during planning, and liaised with authorities. During concept design a number of issues needed resolution associated with layout and the site conditions. Greenhill has now developed the detailed design for three stages, including roads, drainage, CWMS, services, consultant liaison with electrical, landscaping and others. During construction the company has provided contract administration and site superintendence.

The CWMS pipe design allows for future development upstream. Bio-retention systems have been developed for both stages 1 and 2. The Stage 2 system combines bio-retention and detention allowing the water to be treated while maintaining acceptable flow and quality on the downstream side of the development. To protect trees from damage during construction, Greenhill designed fencing to protect the root systems including a gabion retaining wall to protect a particularly significant tree near a cul-de sac. Designated vehicle tracks kept construction equipment in controlled areas to minimise disturbance. Topsoil was retained wherever possible.

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Land Division