River Breeze, Goolwa

South Australia

About This Project

This greenfield subdivision on the outskirts of Goolwa required extensive consultation with the local council and authorities during its feasibility phase. Proposed to yield in the order of 130 allotments the development site was located in a localised low spot without a stormwater outfall location.

The existing CWMS scheme was already at capacity and there was no existing stormwater discharge location. Civil design made provision for a large stormwater channel behind the proposed subdivision to divert stormwater to a detention basin and on to a wetland. Stormwater flow from roads was resolved by balancing the use of swales and collection points.

As Council was creating new infrastructure to serve the greater Goolwa area, Council requested a vacuum sewer system which is unusual in this State. The system resolves issues associated with groundwater levels affecting sewer construction which was a key constraint to development because of the proximity to the Lower Murray. GREENHILL staff trained with FloVac to understand and apply the operating and design principles with a connection to the recently constructed Council vacuum system and pump station.

Three stages have been constructed and additional stages are now underway.

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