Niche At Hillbank

South Australia

About This Project

Awarded EnviroDevelopment accreditation, these 28 premium allotments on a steep site overlook Adelaide Northern suburbs at Hillbank. GREENHILL provided detailed design of road and stormwater, sewer and services, and managed electrical services.

A key challenge was to allow for the existence of extensive rock and significant existing services to regional areas under the greenfield site (900mmstormwater pipe, a 235mm sewer sludge main and 750mm diameter water supply). Water feature, stormwater design and construction needed to ensure clearance whilst preserving the integrity and amenity of the development.

GREENHILL supervised construction and monitored construction activities to ensure that regional water supply was not affected. The stormwater system collects, slows and treats water before it enters the Little Para River and stringent water sensitive urban design requirements were met.

GREENHILL Engineers was awarded a Commendation in the category of ‘Excellence in Infrastructure’ at the 2011 Stormwater Industry Association Awards for their work on this project.

These awards recognise excellence in stormwater infrastructure projects that have been delivered and are now operational.

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