Mortlock Park

South Australia

About This Project

GREENHILL worked with City of Mitcham to deliver the first stage and second stages of the Mortlock Park Master Plan. The site is located within a heritage listed suburb of Colonel Light Gardens which presented unique design issues, including a restricted material palette and constrained options for furniture selection. GREENHILL and the City of Mitcham worked with the heritage board to comply with heritage regulations, ensuring positive outcomes for the community and the council.

The project included a new pathway network, furniture and brick feature wall, all of these elements were centralised around an existing playspace which will be replaced in the future. The existing playspace was enhanced with the addition of nature play elements, pavement paintings and obstacle course play equipment. 

In addition to the landscape works the project required the resolution of significant site flooding issues and special consideration was given to the large existing trees. The project is located adjacent to the Colonel Light Primary School and is well loved by students and local families.

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