Mawson Green

Meadows, South Australia

About This Project

Mawson Green is a residential development of 30 hectares at Meadows. The development will create approximately 200 residential allotments. While the site has many positive features associated with its rural setting it also presented a number of challenges for the Developer including:

  • No potable water mains supply
  • The existing road network serving the propose site was very basic, in poor condition and required upgrade
  • The existing town waste water system was already at capacity and inadequate to serve the proposed development
  • The development plan mandated the provision of 20% open space and the existing creek system through the site had been degraded by past rural enterprises.

GREENHILL has been involved from the conception (2007), assisting the Developer in the creation of innovative solutions to the challenges presented by the site’s unique circumstances. We provided advice and assisted in the feasibility analysis, concept plan development, negotiations with the various authorities to identify viable solutions, preliminary design and reporting in support of the extensive Development Assessment process. The result has been a residential development that includes:

  • A potable water solution that includes the provision of domestic rain water tanks and a recycled water system supplied by a combination of treated township waste water and storm water harvested from a wetland
  • Development of a wetland and rehabilitation of the existing creek through the development to provide enhanced amenity and water quality, re-establishing habitat for flora and fauna and providing a passive recreational asset
  • A new waste water treatment plant for the Development as well as the existing township
  • An upgraded external road network (DPTI Road).

2014 Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA, SA) Winner of the President’s Award

2014 Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA, SA) Winner of the Professional Consulting Award.


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