Laratinga Trail

Mount Barker, South Australia

About This Project

Stage 3 between Cornerstone College and Childs Road

The detailed design of the Laratinga Trail was based on the preceding design of the existing trail network. The design was prepared with a view to providing a safe and compliant shared path for use by cyclist, walker, runners and other pedestrians, together with an objective to minimize impact on existing mature native trees along the road and creek reserve.

The section included additional civil, drainage and Geotechnical requirements not present in previous sections of the path including steep side slope embankments and an underpass under the Steamranger rail.

GREENHILL worked collaboratively with the District Council of Mount Barker to design and document a suitable path alignment and grading. An iterative approach was undertaken to determine a suitable rail crossing that minimized the impact to existing vegetation and grades of the path.

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